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BEAVER BARK CANOES    The Art and Works of Ferdy Goode

Beaver Bark Canoes

 Beaver Bark Canoes is a pictorial journal of the Art and Works of Ferdy Goode which includes birch bark canoes, birch bark baskets decorated using bark etchings and porcupine quill embroidery, and Native-style snowshoes. This revised edition published in 2012, 6″ x 9″, 160 pages, is available in color & black and white.

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  OJIBWE BIRCH BARK CANOES   Anishinaabe Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan

Ojibwe Birch Bark Canoes

 The experienced Indian canoe-builder goes about his task with sure deftness, often with no shelter, and certainly no power tools or canoe mold to build his craft around. His final success is assured because he has the “feel” of his materials; he knows the natural stresses and shrinkages of green materials; he understands the allowances he must take to fashion a craft with the graceful, sweeping, curving lines that create the traditional symmetry of the Indian canoe. The secrets of the craftsman can only be learned with patience.

The finished Ojibwe birch bark canoe remains a work of natural beauty. The hone-colored bark and the irregular gummed seams and edges are pleasing to the eye, while the woodsy odor of the drying materials are tantalizing to the olfactory senses. The canoe still provides a severe test of the paddlers skill and balance. It’s handling is regarded as a special art but, light and responsive, its mastery provides much pleasure and satisfaction; a link with the past for the future. Published 2012, 6″ x 9″, 160 pages, black and white

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“We’re Here Not To Rough It, But To Smooth It”

 Come join the North Country boys as they travel by canoe through Ontario’s Quetico Wilderness….. “A pictorial journal of three canoe trips”

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SONG OF THE CROOKED KNIFE   Nagamon Mocotaugan

Song of the Crooked Knife

 Since time immemorial, this singular knife, along with the axe and the maul, was one of the most essential survival tools of the First Peoples of the Woodlands. The mocotaugan (crooked knife) was a many-purpose tool, uniquely adapted to the Native man’s life of hunting and gathering deep in the boreal forest. With its upturned tip, the knife could be used for cutting, carving, shaving, gouging and smoothing.

With great respect, this tribute is to honor the many fine craftsmen, past and present who’ve carried on the tradition of working with the ‘Man’s Knife’.

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One of the finest and most comprehensive detailed documentation of Traditional Native Snowshoes.


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