A Fleet of Canoes

Posted on January 21, 2012


My first canoe built at the Bear Pond Camp in Winchester, Wisconsin, 1979

Canoe Number ONE

Pallette Lake, Canoes 1982 & 1983

2o foot canoe at Camp Lake, 1984

Birch Lake, 1985

Wisconsin River at Dead Horse Bend, 1985

Plum Lake, 1985

Buck Lake, 1986

The Blonde, 1986

Bunny Canoe Model, 1986


Hemlock Lake, 1989

Decorating Canoe With Etchings

Our Canoe, Moving Cloud Lake, 1990

At the Beaver's Lodge, photo<> Gene Ott

Broken Bow Lake, 1990

Lone Pine Lake, 1990

Sylvania Wilderness, 1991

Sylvania Wilderness, 1991

Hemlock Lake, 1992

Carroll Lake, 1993

Hemlock Lake, 1994,<>photo Walt Jones


Batchewang Lake, Quetico, 1996

Silence Is Golden

Waswagoning Ojibwe Village, 1997

22 ft. Fur-trade Canoe, State House Lake

Walt Jones on Manitowish Lake

Musky Lake, 2001

Trout Lake, 2002

Fish Trap Lake, 2003

The Crescent Moon, 2004

Pauto Lake, 2005

Pauto Lake, 2006

Denis testing out the canoe

Porcupine Quill Feather Design

Pauto Lake, 2008

The Allequash Canoe, Trout Lake, 2009

Pallette Lake

Rice Creek, 2010

Bittersweet Lake Wilderness, 2011